Scottish Highland Games

23rd Annual Kirksville Games
October 16, 2021

The Scottish Highland Games are a tradition that goes back centuries in Scotland.  It was spread across the globe by Scottish immigrants and now you can find Highland Games all over North America, Australia, and New Zealand.  More recently they have spread across Europe, South Africa, and even Japan!  The Kirksville Scottish Highland Games focuses on the “Heavy Events.”  These events include the hammer throw, the stone put, weight for distance, the sheaf toss, weight over bar, and of course the quintessential event…the Caber Toss!  Traditionally, only the strongest competed.  Today men of all skill levels compete as do women!  There are masters (over 40) groups as well.  Spectators are appreciated!!


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A                    Advance Amateur            B                    Amateur
C                    Novice                               W                    Women
Masters      Men 40-49                    Lightweight Men under 200 lbs
Masters      Men over 50

HASA Championships

The Kirksville Games will host the Missouri State Championships, the Heart of America Scottish Athletics Club Championships, and Mid America Masters Championships.

                                                                                 Location & Time

Faith Lutheran Church, 1820 S. Baltimore St., Kirksville MO 63501 (corner of Business 63 & LaHarpe St.)  Map
Registration begins at 9:00 am, Games begin at 10:00 am

Fundraising Benefits

Proceeds from the games will go to “Kelly Forever” in memory of Kelly Van Vleck to benefit brain cancer research.


The Scottish Highland Games will loosely follow the rules set forth by the North American Scottish Games Athletics (NASGA).  A copy of the rules can be found HERE.

Kirksville Games Donation Letter


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